Blog Posts


Blog posts are a way to share information with your readers. You can use them to tell people about a topic and then add something free in the blog post that relates to it. For example, you can upload a podcast episode and then offer help or advice in the blog post that is related on the same topic as the podcast episode. Blog posts are also valuable because they help you grow your email list every day since people may want more information of what is inside the podcasts or blogs.

I write blog posts that include information about my podcast. My podcast episodes have things like free tools, and the blog post has all of the show notes. I try to make sure that the person reading it is interested in what I was talking about on the episode and they can subscribe to my email list.

Blog posts are also called content upgrades because you can give good things to people who want your blog post. In a podcast episode, I might have a free resource that helps the topic of that week’s show. So I will include a way to subscribe to my email list in the blog post about the podcast episode.

This strategy is very good for growing your email list every day.